CHOB Media

CHOB Media’s platform, ReferOffer.com, enables you to set up an affiliate or referral program to attract media publishers, influencers and members of the public to promote your websites, products or services. 


Let the crowd do the work for you, sit back and enjoy success.

Manage and get detailed reports of who is getting you the most leads, sales and customers and reward them.

Direct Sales and Marketing de-centralized with the power of the crowd.


iCHEF is a flexible, fast and user-friendly iPad POS system created by restaurant owners for restaurants. We currently serve over 2000 F&B outlets across Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Beyond providing a POS system, we believe in empowering restaurant owners through

creating a community that shares

knowledge and experience.


Our mission is to make running a restaurant easier so F&B owners can focus on new ideas to grow their businesses.


DPS (www.DPSeng.com.sg) builds pools of talent to meet national requirements.


A multi-national career focused education provider with offices in Ireland, the USA and Singapore, who deliver online academically accredited programmes to highly motivated, talented people looking to build a professional career in the hi-tech, highly regulated BioPharma/MedTech manufacturing sector. 


DPS has internationalized its online programmes from Singapore through its sister company GetReSkilled (www.GetReSkilled.com) to other centres of manufacturing excellence around the world. 

SEC LAB International Pte Ltd

Based on biofeedback technology, we offer wide range of happiness solutions (diagnosis, training courses) for improving productivity, creativity, happiness and quality of life to individuals, corporate, schools and wellness centres.


We specialise in peak performance training. 


We have established flow centres in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and KL and won regional reputation in happiness industry in Asia Pacific.


Datgel are experts in gINT with a track record of over 12 years delivering gINT Add-In software like the CPT Tool, DGD Tool, and high-quality geotechnical data management solutions.

The company provides a complete range of services for gINT, including expert advice, database and report design, training, support, and .NET software development.”